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You've already planned your week, booked a nice place. Now it's a time to make an inquiry.
Please note that I am a person of various interest, as well as a busy student, thus I hardly ever can find a 'spare minute' without planning it in prior. Therefore I welcome you to make sure you ask me for our date at least 24H before our meeting.
Sometimes it can happen that I have time on my hands after all. Just try your luck!


As we are both adult and of course are aware of various risks in respect of contact with other people, especially in such intimate form, it is obvious that we want to protect ourselves as well as each other.

That being said it must be emphasized that any kind of intercourse takes place only with the use of a condom that I always provide in various shapes, sizes and even flavours :)

The pandemic also showed us how important general hygiene is. I know how difficult it is sometimes to focus on the rather mundane things when one already longs to unwrap this pretty gift you have waiting for you, but please try to remember about washing your hands before unwrapping. You won't spoil your experience by disturbing the moment just a little. The female anatomy is unfortunately much more prone to UTI.


A small gesture that will prove your reliability and that you indeed intend to show up.
You can close up the verification through accomplishing both requirements listed below:
1. sending a screenshot of your hotel room reservation.
2. sending a deposit of 150€ as a conclusion of the booking process.


On my website you will find a contact form with a couple of technical question that will hopefully help you with defining your wishes regarding our meeting.


As a young women I really appreciate a good night sleep. I try to avoid staying awake late in the night, or having to wake up very early in the morning :)

 I always enjoy this look on the face of the gentlewomen/-men when they see me for the first time upon arrival. In order to achieve that, I like to be able to have my sweet self-grooming time.

For this reason I usually try to plan my dates between 2.30pm until 11pm (constituting the end of our beautiful time together).

Of course the exception is usually a date that ends with us waking up together the next morning.

Please note that I need at least 6 hours of sleep in order to enjoy our last hours together the morning after.


Please note that Berlin is a very large metropolis. Thus commuting from one end to an other can take some time.
That being said I really love you to see me fresh and shiny. For those reasons I only visit hotels in the western part of Berlin, including Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz.
Sometimes it happens though that you'd love to show me this one amazing place that happens to be outside my range. Don't worry though. I will gladly come to visit you nonetheless if you take care of my transportation there and back.


Sometimes it happens that I announce a tour to a particular city in Germany and through Europe.

I love visiting new places and discovering the every-day culture. However I also like a direct invitation to a particular place thus I'll be waiting for a meeting proposition from you before heading to the city.

In case of touring, I expect a deposit of 50% of the appreciation rate we've agreed on. This way guarantees that you are indeed serious about seeing me.

Usual cities I visit more frequently:

  • Frankfurt

  • Munich

  • Hamburg

  • Budapest

  • Praga

  • Warschau

  • Amsterdam

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