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I am Callisto,


willful, sweet, intelligent, a little kinky and an eloquent conversationalist. Enjoying to study and learning many new things is a huge drive in my life. Experiencing all sorts of things. Good food, new cultures, challenging languages, exciting sex. Almost no matter the topic I will gladly follow you thoroughly into that matter and grant an exhilarating intellectual or carnal exchange.

Due to my very caring nature one will feel immediately at ease around me. If I don’t take your breath way with my charm, that is. Being open minded and curious about the world and the people that live in it, I am excited to hear one’s stories. I will be a one of a kind companion to you, to enjoy the moment to your heart’s desire. From an emotional talk, to good dining, a fantastic sexual encounter, to just playing games with you. My manifold interests and hobbies give me the unique opportunity to invite you to a close and personal kind of girlfriend experience with me.


As far as hobbyist activities go, I genuinely enjoy sexuality in many facets. Sometimes with “Boys”, Sometimes with “Girls”, and of course also by myself. But I derive pleasure from more than just “Sex”. Being an aspiring scientist at heart, I spent a lot of time reading articles and books. Science papers, fantasy novel, historic books and absolute classics. I cover a wide spectrum of what I read and am more than happy to share a good debate with you. Admittedly I am a little nerdy at times and enjoy the one or other video game, cartoon series and especially some “trashy” fantasy TV-Shows. I sometimes get very excited about these things.
Due to my impressingly petite stature, finding a good dress and suitable clothes is never easy to come by, but I am always up for the challenge and love dressing fashionably and elegantly. Though sometime even being scantily dressed has its allure.

I have dabbled with linguistics in the past, but learned that my Interest lie more in the field of nutrition and food science. due to personal circumstances in my diet, I put a lot of emphasis of what is “good” for oneself. Food is the perfect blend of necessity and indulgence. I am always happy to try new and exotic foods, which makes me also an excellent travel companion.


Having become an Escort has been very liberating and it is my Dream to one day manage my own agency. I hope to help to fulfill many dreams. Dreams of my future colleagues, myself and especially my clients. This profession has giving me the opportunity to do so and I am sure I will be honored to fulfil your dreams very soon as well.

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