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I am Callisto,


an independent High Class Girlfriend at your service.

Witty, full of life and laughter, sensual and full of passion... you could count these qualities for some time and you probably wouldn't run out of ideas how to describe me accordingly.

Diversity of character qualities as well as sexuality is one of life mottos I would go for. There are certainly more of them, though!

I vehemently stand by the opinion that we, as more complex organic beings, differ from each other in respect of our liking and disliking and that there are as many ways of tasting our lives and experiences as there are people on this earth.

And the number of those is growing! :)

The life is definitely too short to try everything out but I sure do my best to not miss the opportunity to go on a new adventure.

Last year I'd tried myself in performing in porn productions and I loved it! I had already been experimenting for years with recording or streaming while pleasing myself but I never did it in a professional environment and with so many other girls involved at the same time on top of that!

It has quite a few common points with swinger clubs (that I also enjoy dearly) yet it is a whole other experience that you couldn't compare with anything else. I am already looking forward to my next projects coming this year!


Also, these videos can be quite educational, regarding my temperament as well as preferences. For instance, you would discover that I love feet and cherish having these cute little toes in my mouth while sucking on them ;)

I might put an emphasis on a romantic and warm girlfriend-like atmosphere during our meeting, mostly before and after our intimate encounter, though because during our most intense moments I will like to taste everything on you, almost devour you because it is an instant where I want to commit to my desires, take as much as I can get and give back to you at least as much in the process. I hope you enjoy a girl that likes to move and moan a lot in the hottest moments because I'm certainly not very shy about my sexuality.

In my private life I am rather a sweet nerdy girl. Nonetheless I love being pampered. I live for good food. Good food and sex go hand in hand for me and I will never decline an offer to grab something to eat! Wellness places could be my third home that I will gladly share with you. Besides of video games and entertainment electronics I also fancy sex toys, cute lingerie, candles, body lotions as well as shoes and dresses. My wardrobe is crying while I'm writing these words but I believe I still don't have enough nice things to wear.

Although, if the temperature outside allowed it more often, I probably would spend most of my life naked. For I consider our bodies as something utterly natural and thus worthy cherishing them as such as they are and there are only few more beautiful things then feeling comfortable in your own skin. And god! I love having my boobs and bun free! :D


I've been told that I have a perfect nerdy girlfriend personality including my interests in pop culture: cheesy old tv shows, fantasy (Lord of the Rings exists only in extended edition!) adventure and old action movies, as well as fantasy books are conversation subjects that can hardly run out.

In order to balance those out I also love classical literature, opera, ballet, musical theatre as well as classical music (I rather incline to be on a Mozart team I'm always open for new inputs from the Bach side, though).

In order to stay in good shape and free my mind I also bike, do yoga, keep trying to learn rollerblading (would you like to teach me?) and I'm about to start bouldering.


Fun, life energy, sensuality and tenderness are few of things that I nurture in me so I can share them with my surroundings and if you let me I will gladly share them with you as well.

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